Spot of Tea Digital Marketing Plan

In early 2018, I had the opportunity to take a part-time digital marketing course offered through General Assembly. Even though my role had sat within digital marketing for a year, I hadn’t had much exposure to the aspects of digital marketing beyond maintaining the corporate site for a few companies.

Over the course of 10 weeks, we scratched the surface of nearly every facet of digital marketing including SEO, paid media, social media advertising, email marketing, and analytics. I’d highly recommend the course for anyone with a background in web design to better round out their digital skill set.

For my in class project, I opted to work with a real-life start-up so that I could best implement my learning. It also didn’t hurt that the start-up was founded by my sister. The digital marketing plan I worked on focused on increasing revenue and leads on the catering side of their business. If you’d like to see the final presentation deck, I’ve attached it below.

Since the course, I’ve been better able to see my role as part of the larger picture within the team and the organization. As a web production and optimization manager, I’ve been better equipped to set best practices for our marketers to create pages and campaigns optimized for SEO and paid media.

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